Week 101 – what a great week πŸ₯°

As always it’s been a busy busy week. 4 events delivered and I am blessed that I have great coaches who work with me 😊

I very much enjoyed the day at Kingswood Urban Development Project, young people get spoken about harshly and society seems to expect the worst from them. I am privileged to work with young people who enjoy sharing their sport with other young people.

I am always careful when choosing who I want to deliver for every group and one of the most important things for me is acceptance, equality diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.

This week has seen us deliver a combination of soft and pointy archery to 118 people, some open groups and some SEND specific but many different ages. A bunch of meetings too and I am particularly excited to be adding some soft archery for a group of seniors who like to be active on weekends.

I love sharing our sport and showing that it is so adaptive and excludes no one! ❀️🏹

Also finished everything for submission for my course tomorrow and the presentation is all ready to go, 🀞🏻 for the assessment and I pass, the waiting will bother me as always so I apologise now to anyone who listens to me get impatient whilst I wait on the results 😜

Thank you as always for the patience for my 1 weekend in 4, lots of hours and some intense moments saw me sleep when I got home to recover and I managed to wake up shortly before a meeting 😱

Have a good week and remember in just a few weeks it will be the second anniversary for Integr8archery CIC so if you need an excuse for cake, there it is πŸ˜œπŸŽ‚ I shall be celebrating in the weekly blog for 104 weeks but the actual date will be 28/6/24 πŸ₯³