Week 99 – last of the double figures😜❤️🏹

wow! It never ceases to amaze what I achieve, my brave step in setting up the CIC and believing in myself – protecting everything from everyone and carefully choosing who I will and will not work with – it’s paid off and I am so very excited as I approach my second anniversary.

Massive decisions to make come October but I shall plough on until then. It is these anniversaries when I really feel the loss of my dad, our weekly chats about my little business were a highlight of my week and there have been so many more weeks without him than with him. His opinion was priceless and I did talk in those last few weeks about what his ear meant to me, and we talked of my future plans and it does mean a lot that I can still hear him as I continue to achieve things.

Saturday I woke to the news that one of the coaches had their vehicle broke into overnight and amongst the things taken was my arrows kit which the coach had used to deliver an event for me and was coming to return for me to use on Sunday. No blame on the coaches part but for a little while there I thought I would have to cancel an event I was doing Sunday as I had a double shift Saturday that would prevent me going out to source kit. However a local scout group lent me kit and Sunday saw me deliver to 11 young people who attend a local church group – church jam which is about friendship. The group included ages 5 to 15 and some SEND adaptations. I met some amazing young people and we had a great time.

Not had much time for my own shooting due to work and study commitments, last classroom session before I hand in my portfolio and do my presentation for the level 5 so a lot of work to do in the next 2 week to ensure I have done the best I can do before completing the classroom session to be able to teach and lead as a practitioner if I pass my assessments! 🤞🏻

Meetings this week to plan and review new and existing events and projects.

Have an amazing week and I hope to see you soon, thank you to those who keep me up to date with how you are doing 😊