week 94 – heading towards that 2nd anniversary 🥰

Sunday was beautiful, out in the sunshine shooting with great company, followed yesterday by howling winds, hail stones and some serious rain, plus putting the heating back on! Certainly made me feel less like I was missing out by having a study day in the little office at work away from everyone and everything 😂 good results for my 1st marked assignment and a lot of my work written up for my portfolio for my level 5.

Today is my bank holiday in lieu for having worked Easter Monday, so I stayed in my pjs late this morning and watched a movie, but I forgot to get myself and Easter egg! 😂🫣

Caught up with emails and messages over a cuppa now too. This last week has been a good week, meetings with some of the people I have met over recent weeks at different events to discuss what they want and what I can provide, exciting as always. Also a couple of reviews for existing projects which I always enjoy, discussing what’s going well and what improvements can be made is always good and I am often bemused by those who see reviews as negative.

A couple of coffees with archers who are friends and sharing a catch up.

I may have taken time since January to step back and breathe and being doing less, remember my less means I am still giving around 20 hours a week to other people’s archery. It’s also very interesting as it is allowing me to observe things that are happening and helping me set priorities for the 3rd year of integr8archery CIC as it approaches, exciting times for sure and certainly one of the advantages of being me in charge of my projects.

I had a great time volunteering at the foster families fun day this week, as always I am quick to have a bit of face paint and maximise the glitter 😜 spent the day with some amazing families and enjoying being part of their fun.

Right, off to look at the planning of my own shooting and get some of the competition enteries in, I have set myself some targets for the 2024 outdoor season and also making some decisions about where I will be shooting my practise arrows.

I am also very much enjoying the conversations with so many of my archery friends and contacts about Warhammer, it’s not a surprise that so many of us do it, a lot of what it gives us is the same as what we get from archery, great head space, routine, structure and peace. So grateful that Jack got me my first box for Christmas, he was right about what I would get from it, and it is certainly helping with the fine motor skills and the issues from the damaged nerves in my hand. 4 months in and my first army is at 1880 points and I considering which will be my next army!

Whatever you are doing, enjoy and I will see you on the range soon I am sure. ❤️🏹