Week 58 – paperwork, paperwork and ….. paperwork πŸ˜‚πŸ«£

Busy busy week. I am just about back on top of it all!

Exciting though because new projects and events being arranged on top of the preparation for September and schools returning. When I start to feel a little overwhelmed, stretch, refill the coffee and think about those bows in all of those new hands! Motivation to get back to the communications if ever there was.

Today is the anniversary of me receiving confirmation that Integr8Archery was granted CIC status and that I had wrapped everything up to protect it from anyone who may come forward in the future to try and take my projects for income.

Thank you for the messages checking that I am ok, I am, I take it one day at a time physically and mentally and I am improving but I do appreciate the time anyone takes to reach out and check.

Companies house paperwork completed and approved for the coming year so we can continue, great news, particularly with the work being offered and projects that are continuing.

My shooting? Well I am hoping things will have settled enough to allow me to pick up my bow on Wednesday 🀞🏻which will allow me to hopefully get back on plan.

I have also taken advantage of some great value time with my children, especially Rose who is always fantastic company. They both enjoy giving time to help with Integr8Archery and introducing them to our sport so it’s nice to pay them back doing other things they enjoy.

Off to work before coming home to finish off here.

Have a good week everyone.