Midweek catch up ❤️🏹

So fat this has been a busy week of reviewing projects, predominantly schools but others too. It’s an important part of the process to see how we are getting on with the aims and targets that were originally laid out and how these may have evolved.

As Integr8Archery is essentially one person, me, I am blessed to have a group of coaches who work with me and I carefully select who is appropriate for a group, event or project. I cannot be in all places at all times and I rely on good communication between myself and the coaches and also myself and the representative of any group. These meetings are therefore especially important for me to ensure that we maintain that communication and continue to work together.

There are processes that need to be followed and steps that need to be taken to put on sessions and keep everyone safe, they may not always be obvious or seem unnecessary but they are there for a reason. Meetings are a great way of explaining what is needed and why.

So this weeks meetings have been a chance to celebrate success and discuss room for improvement and ensure we are all still working for the same aims. As ever lots of work comes out of these but, it’s looking like some exciting things ahead for many of the projects.

As I am fast approaching the first year of Integr8Archery I also started collating data I keep to be able to share the achievements, I am glad I did as there were a couple of things this week that again pushed me to consider what and why I am doing this, if I needed a reason, motivation, those stats have definitely helped give me a boost and I am blown away by what has been achieved, I look forward to sharing the information in a few weeks. Keeping stats and figures was important to me from the start as I am doing things a little differently and I get challenged by those who don’t like change and I knew I would benefit from seeing numbers as I am an evidenced based creature.

Anyways I have a session to go to now that I am quite excited about and I will tell you more about it in Tuesday’s blog drop.

Apologies for this being a day late, whilst at work yesterday, as my shift was ending a colleague who was coming on duty took a call regarding a family bereavement and I stayed to do his double shift, I am out of the house this morning but then back for my own rota’d 25 hour shift, as you know mine is not a job that we simply can’t cover.

Take care and enjoy your shooting, catch you on a range soon, Helen