Week 38 – making new links

My hat is travelling all over the place!

This week has predominantly focused on communication, catching up on ideas put on hold for various reasons, looking what is ready to start, making new links and reviewing existing groups and sessions.

Today was a local community event aimed at getting to know each other hosted by the local library, here I have picked up lots of information to help me signpost potential service users, as some times when chatting to people I know they may benefit from other things but I am not always sure what is available, today I learned lots of local links for exactly this purpose. Whilst this was the aim that saw me attend the event I have also come away with a number of community groups who think that their service users might benefit from the access to archery that I might be able to help provide too. Exactly the drive behind setting up my “little business” and the reason why it is a community interest company and not for profit. So, over coming weeks and months I shall hopefully be able to report back on some of the ideas and links that have come from today.

I loved hearing the news on Sunday that the DISC group had a fantastic time at their first archery session and it’s great to know the work and effort put into re-starting this as one of the activities after several years away is going to be a success. Thank you to Nick and Jackie who though established coaches are new to the Integr8Archery team and their first session for us as been a resounding success 🥳❤️🏹

Thank you also to Jack who has joined the group at Weavers to help there. First week for him seems to have gone well and he and Chris are going to be great I am sure.

Lots planned for me this coming week before I head off to Lilleshall for volunteering at the Grand Prix, outdoors season is approaching fast.

Take care and see you all soon.