Week 36 – busy few days, a lot happening and I actually shot some arrows of my own πŸ₯³πŸ˜±πŸ˜‰

Yeah! Flinging arrows at last!

So I am technically unemployed for a few days as I await the new job to be sorted, I could sit and relax but we all know that ends badly, we are after all approaching the 3rd anniversary of impaling myself on a tree for those who forget I don’t just sit and chill! 😱🫣

So what have I done:

  1. Sensory football webchat and discussions around conversation and instructions for complex needs with SENSE.
  2. meeting with AGB.
  3. catch up and planning with DISC for Northamptonshire Carers and everything back on track, including two new coaches on board with Integr8Archery to support our community groups and aims for sustainable archery – exciting on several points.
  4. First face to face Integr8Archery club committee as both August and October were online.
  5. on top of this there have been 5 other meetings around existing projects, coaches and new instructors and coaches.
  6. meeting with sport4fitness to finalise plans for their CIC and the groups that we will introduce archery to, including re-starting the out of school educated groups and the Send4dads group.
  7. Today I have a Sport England webinar.

I have had lots of fun this weekend, shooting three times πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ«£ maybe I will soon be back to my 800 – 1000 arrows a week after all! 4 ranges, countless friends, county squad mates – essentially my archery family. Smiles, hugs, chatting, a couple of tearful moments but mostly just back in my safe places with people who I am safe to be around, never to be underestimated and very definitely proof that the fight to stay with my sport was worth it. Days where I most definitely thought I was beaten since November 21 but this week was proof it’s worth fighting for.

I am putting in an order to lionhart in the next week or so and for anyone who wants one I only have 5 Integr8Archery big bobble hats left from the initial production batch. Let me know if you want anything.

I shall be out and about this next week and hope to catch up with more people whilst getting ready to announce some events that we will be hosting, so keep your eyes open. Stay safe ❀️🏹

Integr8Archery CIC and Sport4fitness CIC – collaboration for the community