Life is a rollercoaster? Archery certainly is 😂🫣❤️🏹

So lots of meetings and a couple of webinars so far this week, definitely highlights such as chatting through plans with AGB, an adaptive multi sports webinar and looking at complex communication strategies and getting the DISC sessions back on track with Northamptonshire Carers.

Plans in place for 8th May which I will give more details about next week, but very exciting after a year of work to get the first group organised and planned.

My archery? We know I work hard with my pain to shoot, sitting was not an easy change and last year a number of things collided to see me almost walk away from the sport as a whole.

I last shot properly on New Year’s Eve eve! Arranged some shooting time at a couple of places yesterday and came away with a PB for a Portsmouth and those few extra points moved it from a D classification score to a C – which I have never had for a Portsmouth!

So today? I have booked myself in for a scored round – Worcester and I have created myself a new plan.

My focus this year enjoying those 8 days of archery at Dunster and my flight season. Had a bit of a wobble when I looked at the new classification tables having set myself a target but looking closely I think I may have set myself something out of reach so, let’s see what happens?

I was asked about how Integr8Archery has people around the country?

Two things:

  1. schools or community groups where the person leading the sessions work with me and I support them in their aims – like me, sustainable long term archery in places there has been no access to the sport, a lot are schools but not all.
  2. archers who I have supported through various things, mostly change but who thought maybe archery was something they needed to leave behind or loose. Sure I support them, but they also support me – Integr8Archery is a support network to keep us all doing the thing we love.

So with that in mind, thank you to everyone who has kept me going when I have truly seen no alternative to walking away. Have a great weekend and as always may your arrows fly strong ❤️🏹