Hard week but slowly moving forward

A year ago I had a plan of what new year 2023 would hold.

June 2022 pretty much gave me a very real picture of how none of it was likely to happen. I truly am blessed that my father, who had really supported The JLP and all that it represented, got behind Integr8Archery and proudly chatted to me once a week about what was happening. He saw the 6 month’s data post and he was so thrilled for me.

There have been many questions as he pushed me to do my best and in the last 6 weeks some big conversations between the 2 of us regarding what my plans are for 2023 for Integr8archery, my new job, my own archery and who will or won’t be with me on that path. We knew his time was coming to an end and that this post would likely be one he would not see (though it turns out Tuesday’s wasn’t seen by him either). However, he’s left me with words for specific things 2023 holds so hopefully he will be with me along the way.

I was able to tell him Sunday that my latest course of study is completed and has been sent for verification, so hopefully there will be no issues and it will see my certificate released. We talked about what a hugely important topic it is based on my work around safeguarding and well-being and how hopefully it will only improve my ability.

The radio show that I was supposed to be a part of on Wednesday has been postponed until next week as they understood why I couldn’t take part as arranged.

As I am away and dealing with significant issues I am limited as to what I can currently do but I have lots of phone calls and meetings arranged in the coming days so hopefully everything will be tidied by 14/1 or at least moving forward. Thank you to everyone for the understanding not just this week but for the last 6 months, it has helped tremendously,

Enjoy your shooting and I hope that if you set yourself resolutions around health, activity or archery that you are starting to achieve things.

Take care