Almost at the three months mark!!!

You surely didn’t fail to notice the excitement as I received the first order of my shirts! I cannot thank Neil at Lionhart for making sense from what I tried to explain to make me these which are perfect and also to everyone who has ordered them so far. I am so looking forward to seeing them out on ranges.

There was also some other good news but I am going to put that in the end of week full round up.

For now I am enjoying my weekend volunteering with the competitions team at Lilleshall and enjoying watching county archers have their first taste of this venue that I love, which will forever be what Jack first described as Hogwarts for archers.

Speak soon as I reflect on what I have achieved so far, I have been giving as a volunteer for 31 years, to this sport that I love for 6 years, grassroots projects for a good 4 years and taken charge of my future in ways that even 6 months ago I never imagined!