Meetings, planning and hats!!!!🥳

Supportive archery family 🤗😘

Thank you for your support this week folks, it’s very much appreciated as always but knowing that I am now trying to find my normal many of you have reached out to ask how I am and how you can help or support me, it means so very much.

I have had three meetings with coaches reviewing the education project and I was thrilled to find that where we are at and my thoughts are reflected by them, they are feet on the ground every week in those placing so it does suggests communication is working!

Also looking at plans from 2 years and from 12 months ago I can see some things need changing for the forward planning and there is information that needs sharing with others doing similar work, we can all achieve our best in our shared goals if we share our reviews.

Which leads me to this weekend – Friday and Saturday – 2 days with regions and home nations and the national governing body to discuss several topics, yesterday was a great change to talk and I am looking forward to seeing what today brings, but certainly had the chance to discuss my thoughts around the review of the grassroots projects with AGB and they have similar findings in some areas so discussion of my forward planning and shared thoughts was a great opportunity to touch base.

A fantastic meeting with Northamptonshire Sports and a newly created local charity that has seen us move on a project I have been working on with the activity partnership for the last 12 months – exciting stuff. We are Undeafeatable meeting and the first Children’s Coaching Collaborative catch-up – fantastic to sit amongst like minded people who want to put the children at the centre of coaching from grassroots to elite juniors and how we can assure their voice is heard. Looking forward to working with these going forward and encouraging others to sign up. March will see their Voice, Choice, Journey campaign kick off so I will be providing so much more information around that.

Hats have arrived and I put lots in the post yesterday, I cannot wait to see photos of them out in the wild, I can testify that they are cosy and warm as I wore mine much of yesterday since I currently have very little hair!! Big bobble hats have done an awesome job of creating what I wanted.

Have a good weekend and let me know how you are doing ❤️🏹